Has your leadership team got the winning formula?

Your leaders are the vital elements of your business. As your company evolves, there will be changes and reactions that affect your winning formula. CTL Consult helps you identify the areas that require development and enables you to unleash the talent in your leadership team.


Has your leadership team got the winning formula?

Here at CTL Consult, we’re obsessive about strategy, process and delivery – the components we believe to be fundamental to business success. Even more vital are the drivers behind these and the formula required to continue delivery of your vision both now and in the future.
Despite this, it’s extremely common for leadership teams to become consumed by the day-to-day routine of running a business and lose sight of the bigger picture, which is where we come in.
We operate in the gap between your strategy and its deployment into the business. We take time to get to know your company and determine why you want to change before identifying what needs to alter.
We’re experts in drawing out the true ingredients for success:

  • Innovation
  • Personal accountability
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Empathy.

An Infusion of different skill sets

We’re a heavily successful consultancy with a track record of working in complex and heavily regulated environments, creating nationally recognised interventions that have transformed leadership culture and staff engagement.
As a team of HR consultants, psychologists and neuroscientists, our infusion of skill sets enables us to design the most effective application for your team. Take a look at our team profiles for more information on our experience.

John Davies

John is a strongly collaborative HR Director with a track record of working at Board level to develop and drive through radical changes designed to transform culture and performance.

Claudine Robson

Having worked both in industry and as a consultant with one of the ‘Big 5’, Claudine has developed an understanding of the HR department’s constraints. It’s this wealth of experience that drives her to constructively challenge the day-to-day running of businesses in order to design a solution to their dilemmas.

Steve Marriott

Steve is an energetic and passionate expert in behavioural change. Working as an executive coach and facilitator, Steve creates and delivers high-impact events which transform organisational culture.

Brian Hutcheson

Brian is a fully qualified and certified coach with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. He is also a member of the European Mentoring.

John Herbert

John has worked with a wide range of organisations as a consultant and training providers. His dynamic and energetic style has ensured the success of many innovative programmes for those clients, particularly where they have experienced rapid cultural change.

Rob Ashmore

Rob Ashmore specialises in learning and development design for organisations and in the introduction of other related initiatives, such as coaching and mentoring programmes, 360-degree feedback and e-learning materials.

Michael Tipper

An accomplished project manager, Michael is motivated by the need to understand and critically evaluate information, systems and approaches. He is our programme manager, providing a single point of contact and ensuring accountability for our delivery.


Ctl provides your business with a tonic for success

Our cutting edge, scientifically-proven formulas, deliver practical leadership and team change programmes, aligned to the nuclear, construction, defence and engineering industries.
Working with your board, we examine the issues that you are aware of and the goals that you want to achieve. Our bespoke interventions are targeted to enhance existing leadership capability and develop it to drive and growth.


CTL provides your business with a tonic for success

As outsiders, we’re able to approach your business with a different perspective and have impartiality to say what you can’t. By doing this, we can design an intervention that totally meets your requirements and achieve our aim of becoming your intellectual horsepower to guide effective delivery of your strategy.
We use cutting-edge, research-backed leadership techniques to improve performance, nurture talent, boost efficiency and demonstrate appreciation.
This drives success by:

  • Transforming performance management
  • Identifying stars early
  • Accelerating growth
  • Repositioning diversity and inclusion
  • Encouraging change
  • Injecting insight and creativity
  • Dissolving office politics
  • Diffusing toxicity.

Our programmes are aimed at leadership and management populations – senior and middle managers – and can be delivered in a timeframe to suit your needs. All of our interventions are built to last and to contribute towards achieving change.

How do we do it?

Leadership development that extracts a return on investment

It is notoriously difficult to quantify how your team can deliver a return on investment; however, it is still key to achieving results. At CTL, we will help you filter out the right information to measure success and realise your goals.


Leadership development that extracts a return on investment

Every business has different objectives, challenges and outcomes. However, the successful running of all companies depends on a reliable team.
Despite this, it’s likely that your payroll budget is your most costly. Isn’t it time to start witnessing a return on this investment?
One of the main benefits of working with CTL is a dramatic increase in efficiency and productivity, reduction in churn of team members and an increase in job satisfaction.

“I’ve just received the results of the employee engagement survey which had gone up by 15 points! This is the highest that our survey company, IPSOS, has ever seen. They even had to recheck the calculations! A lot of people were involved in the design and delivery of this programme, and you should all feel proud of your contribution towards these results.”

Matt Sykes
EDF Energy

Proven remedies for a range of business

We’ve been the stimulant for many growing businesses. Take a look at who we’ve remedied and call us to find out how we can design a programme to help you.

We work with a range of businesses from different sectors to help them get to where they want to be



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Don't just take it from us

We asked John to help us to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility programme and he expanded that to help us to develop our values, define our critical success factors and key deliverables for the year ahead.” He also showed us how our business plan could be restructured to provide a coherent company vision, mission and strategy for communication to our staff. Using his HR background John has rewritten our performance management process, trained the assessors, helped us to identify cost savings and acted as a sounding board for thorny hr issues.

  • Steve Shaylor
  • CEO Shaylor Group

We’ve used CTl on a regular basis. They have assisted with IR strategy, coached senior managers, created team days for my team, as well as developing a high performance team intervention that built on work the senior team had experienced in San Diego.

  • Mike Davies
  • HR Director Finning UK Ltd

CTL came into the company during a specific phase of organisational change when the company needed to realign itself to meet rising competition in the home delivery market. In particular John’s strategic approach to industrial relations led to the creation of a coherent stakeholder strategy founded in the practical reality of IR.

  • Pete McCarthy
  • HR Director HDNL

We’ve been working with CTL for over five years, during which they have designed our HR systems, helped to coach and develop my management team. They have seen us successfully through a number of challenges always acting to protect and minimise the company from legal risk.They now take responsibility for our three quality systems as well as providing our project management capablity.

  • David Brown
  • UK MD Hexagon Metrology

Thank you for your message and for the documents/information you have sent over. I’ve not had a chance to go through it all yet as last week was manc!!! I’m sad our coaching has ended and so thanks for all of your very useful help and advice, it has all been very much appreciated.

  • Carol King HR Director
  • Lakehouse Construction

We asked CTL to provide support to our Nuclear Leadership Foundation programme in three areas, industrial relations, handling disiplinary, capablity and grievance situations, and emotional intelligence. Feedback from the delgates has been unprecedentedly great and the emotional intelligence session, in particular, is the catalyst for a major leadership culture change in our business.

  • Michael Tipper
  • Nuclear Ledership Foundation Programme Manager EDF

I would like to thank you for week 1 and 2 of Leadership Foundation programme. What I really like is the way you get us the trainees to interact with each other and engage the experiences within my ALG and the bigger group. I feel your training style for this course is meeting my requirements and the bigger group as discussed with my colleagues. I look forward to utilising my new tools and techniques and learning from my mistakes, as no doubt I will encounter a few due to everyone being different.

  • John Gibson
  • EDF Generation

We’ve used CTL regularly over the past five years. Initially they came into our organisation to beef up our HR processes, documentation and policies. They wrote the job descriptions that form the basis of our current organisation, designed and trained us to use our performance management system, as well as providing a foundation programme of management development for all our first line leaders.

  • Debbie Thornton
  • HR Director Premier Medical
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